A Personal Injury Response Team can help protect your rights, restore your health, and get you back to the things you enjoy.

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How we work

Step 1

Hub4Injured brings together all the resources you need when you have been involved in a Personal Injury Accident in one convenient location. We are here to help you quickly and easily find personal injury professionals in your area who can help restore your health, protect your rights, and get you back to the things you enjoy.

When you or a loved one are involved in a Personal Injury Accident, things can be very chaotic. You may be worried about medical injuries, finances, legal concerns, and keeping your family together. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is finding someone to help you. With Hub4Injured, you simply start searching by the state where your personal injury accident occurred and we’ll help connect you with legal and medical professionals in your area who can help.

Step 2

SECURE YOUR FINANCES: A personal injury accident may cause serious injury which could affect your income level and the stability of your family for quite some time if you are hospitalized, disabled or need to undergo therapeutic rehabilitation. The personal injury attorney you locate on Hub4Injured will work with you to secure your family’s financial status as much as possible.

Your personal injury attorney can work with you to file any necessary claim forms, insurance reports, and disability paperwork. If the attorney determines that you have a viable personal injury case to pursue, he or she can advise you on tracking medical expenses and financial steps that can be taken in anticipation of a possible award for damages you suffered.

Step 3

PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS: Often the person you need on your side first after being involved in a personal injury accident is a personal injury attorney. Use Hub4Injured as soon as possible after your accident to find an experienced personal injury attorney who can take you through the necessary steps to protect your rights, secure your finances, and hold the proper parties accountable.

Once you find a personal injury attorney on Hub4Injured, he or she may connect you with a personal injury doctor or chiropractor who can assess the extent of your injuries and recommend a treatment and rehabilitation plan. Depending on the state in which your personal injury accident occurred, there may be certain deadlines which have to be met if you are able to pursue a case. 

Step 4

RESTORE YOUR HEALTH: Your personal injury attorney may recommend local medical professionals who are experienced working in the field of personal injury. You can also use Hub4Injured to find a personal injury doctor or chiropractor who can help you deal with the effects of whiplash, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, or other adverse health situations brought on by the personal injury accident.

Your personal injury doctor will document your injuries, devise an individualized treatment plan, provide rehabilitation and recovery services, and may also refer you to other specialists for additional treatment. You can also locate pain management specialists, MRI centers, and Physical Therapy Centers on Hub4Injured as part of your Personal Injury Response Team.

Step 5

GET BACK TO WHAT YOU ENJOY DOING MOST: The goal of Hub4Injured is to get you back to as close to a normal state as possible as quickly as possible, given the extent of your personal accident injuries. If you have suffered an accident that results in a permanent disability, you deserve to be compensated for your loss and need to know that you can still provide financial support for yourself and your family.


Hub4Injured works to provide the connections you need to build a Personal Injury Response Team as quickly as possible. Leave the legal and medical work to the professionals while you concentrate on getting well and spending time with your family.